Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ruffle Cake Technique Tutorial

Oh Ruffles, I just love ruffles since I was a little girl. I loved them on dresses, on stockings, on shoes and just about on anything. Its a girl ruffle thing?  And since I learned ruffles could be made on baking goods like cakes, cookies and cakepops, I have gone wild with this technique. I love it sooo much that every cake that is for a gal and just don't have like a theme I make it a ruffle cake.

If you'll like to become a freaky ruffle decorator like me here is a tutorial so you may do so...

Cake ( already crumb coated)
Piping bag
Tip 104
Buttercream or Frosting of your choice
Turn table (Lazy susan)

First thing is to have your cake crumb coated very lightly. This is because if it is not coated the crumbs will begin to stick to your piping tip and or start to fall off, and also if your ruffles aren't to close together the crumb part wont show thru.

Take your piping bag already fitted with the tip and touching (with the wider part of the tip) the cake where you would like to begin, start by squeezing the bag and giving it a up and down motion at the same time you move your turning table if you want the ruffles side way like in the picture above.

Now repeat the same step until you decide where you like to stop.

The more ruffle you add to your cake the more beautiful it will look.

On the top you may want to leave it with out the ruffles and add some detail or what ever you like, but I just decided to keep going and going....

Doesn't it just look beautiful just like it is??? yeah but I just wanted to add something more girly to it and my favorite thing after baking, Shoe! Yes a cupcake shoe, just love it.

Cupcake Shoe and Sprinkles, what better things to add???

Hope you enjoy making ruffles on everything you can get your hands on too!  Good Luck with it and if any questions just leave me a comment. 

Love Ya!!


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