Saturday, February 16, 2013

Playing Around With Cookies

      OMG my teenage daughters are driving me Nuts!!!! Yeah! Nuts I sad! How do I work with them? My little girls have grown up and I'm always trying to involve them in different activities with me and around me, so  I may keep a close eye on them. Well you know 14 year old girls? Not easy but trying to make the best as being a divorced mom and trying to earn their trust in me. Well trying to get them to be closer to me and share activities with them... I thought of cookies! Yes Cookies, decorating cookies and how they would enjoy playing around with them I came up with this idea!
"Cookie Games" 

Yes, Games on a cookie! I made different game on cookies and the girls played and marked or colored them with edible markers.  The first one was a tic tac toe cookie. 

This was my second idea and made a color by number cookie. While they colored and played,  they ate the Love one and the Lets play cookies. And for the last one...

Join the dots... I used to LOVE this when I was a kid, it was my fav.  These were super easy to do. The fun didn't last long because they ended up eating them but it was worth seeing them playing and taking time to enjoy something together like family should do. 

Hope you can enjoy some time with your kids no matter what their ages are, always try to involve them in your activities because they grow up fast and leave.  Sorry for the bad pictures, all I have is a small digital camera and trying to save up for a good one.


  1. These are adorable! And look super yummy!

    Jenna @

    1. Hi Jenna! Thank you for your kind word! They are yummy! ;)) Thanks for stopping by.